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DATEM is a company of engineering consultants specialized in industrial marketing and international development.

Its multi-disciplinary staff, including engineers and economists focuses particularly on the industrial sector both in France and abroad and mainly in high-tech areas.

DATEM’s four main branches of activity are:

  Technical-economic surveys and analyses

  Research and assistance in defining industrial policy and strategy

  Back-up to specific projects in France and abroad

  Assistance in transfer of technology and know-how


DATEM’s full time consultants are in permanent contact, on a working basis, with external specialist partners like designers, engineering offices and experts in industrial and intellectual property, European and international law, etc...


  DATEM was awarded the OPQCM Certificate in 1991 (Office Professionnel de Qualification des Conseils en Management), certifying the quality of consultancy service provided.

  DATEM belongs to UNATRANTEC (Union Nationale des Consultants en Innovation et en Transfert de Technologies) and to EFTIC (Fédération Européenne des Consultants spécialisés en Innovation et Management de Projets).


DATEM is present in some fifteen countries through exclusive partnership networks, all specialized in industrial marketing, technology transfer, technical and economic surveys, transnational partnerships, company start up.

These networks are as follows :

  The European Economic Interest Group GROWTH International gathers together 18 partners with offices in 15 different European countries, all specialized in industrial marketing and international development. These partners act as sub- or co-contractors on shared projects.


  The TECHNOLIZENZ network combining 10 partners from Europe, North America, Japan, South East Asia, working together to prepare, install and manage industrial high tec projects with strong international openings.

  Permanent partnership and location in the States with WELA in Denver (Colorado). WELA is assisting SMEs in the States, in Canada and Mexico for market analysis, technology transfer, commercial network organisation and joint ventures.

  DATEM has parallel contacts in China, India, South Africa, Israel and South America

  DATEM is engaged by the European Commission to organize projects involving the former Eastern European countries.


DATEM is offering its experience to the following customers :

  Small and medium sized industrial firms.

  Major national and international corporations and their subsidiaries.

  Professional bodies in industry (trade associations, federations, technical organisations, collective ressource groups.

  Research centres, technical centres, laboratories, universities and particularly those promoting research findings and links with industry.

  Bodies supporting innovation or development of national programmes.

  Local, regional and international communities.



Our customers include among others:


  Research Centres :

  Big Concerns

  Schools and Universities:

  Local, regional or international communities or institutions :

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